caco is an artist from a suburb you've thankfully never heard of. a jazz saxophonist by force and a vocalist at heart, his new solo effort gracefully walks the spectrum between alternative-r&b, música popular brasileira, and lo-fi.

following years of questionable soloing in early morning ensemble, barely conscious hip-hop recordings, and a life steeped in the afro-caribbean tradition, caco has formed a sound as unique as the wrinkles in his spliffs. everyone's have them, but these? these are his.

the artists namesake is his father's nickname, signifying his familial roots in music.

he released a single, and i know, in january 2021 after a long, smoky year of writing in his bed. his self-titled debut is dropping later in 2022.

caco is grateful to his influences- braxton cook, mac ayres, moonchild, and many more- as well as some friends who helped out on the way. big thanks to derick (tracks 1, 4, 6) on guitar, sen on both bass and vocals (tracks 1, 3-6), and stephen, whose last minute drum parts (tracks 1, 3, 6) brought sauce to the record. finally, there's chris, who remotely helped produce the entire ep from the picturesque state of indiana- go boilermakers. a train-based mascot might make zero sense, but caco does! at least a little :)

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stream caco's debut ep now on all your favorite platforms 08/08/2022

debut self titled project "caco"

interlood_2 playthrough

mine official lyric video

listen to the "breakout single" and i know here

the entire team accomplishes to produce a memorable single that listeners and independent artists will be able to connect with after the first listen.” - music trails

“‘and I know’ is therapeutic, groovy, dynamic, poetic, and slightly trill.” - ratings game music


on jan. 15, internet-based artist, saxophonist and producer caco is independently releasing his first single “and i know” along with a b-side track, “interlood,” across all digital streaming platforms. after a year spent recording his debut, self-titled album, he is excited to introduce listeners to his psychedelic, latin-tinged strain of alternative r&b and lo-fi hip-hop.

birbified caco/CRACO